Atlanta, GA, October 16-18, 2023

The School of Physics at the Georgia Institute of Technology is launching a new initiative in Machine-Learning Discovery in Physics.

The inaugural conference of this initiative brings together researchers in academia and industry who are actively exploring Foundational AI/ML and its applications in Astrophysics, Plasma Physics, Biophysics, Neuroscience, Condensed Matter, and Quantum Systems. Participants will also include program officers from various funding agencies, who will engage in a panel discussion on the funding landscape for AI/ML discovery in Physics.

The conference will take place at the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center (GLC). This space is located in Tech Square, in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, a premier innovation district, economic engine, and destination for university research, academic enterprises, and start-up companies. The address of the venue is: 84 5th St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30308 and you can find detailed directions via personal and public transportation in this web page.

The presentations will be broadcast live at this Zoom webinar address.

Confirmed invited speakers include:

Plasma/Astro: Paulo Alves (UCLA) – Cass Hall (UGa) – Shirley Ho (Flatiron) – Nuno Loureiro (MIT)

Bio/Neuro: Andrea Liu (UPenn) – Chris Rozell (GT) – Vincenzo Vitelli (Chicago)

Condensed Matter/Quantum: Guiseppe Carleo (EPFL) – Eun Ah Kim (Cornell) – Ying Wai Li (LANL) – Miles Stoudenmire (Flatiron)

Foundational AI: George Karniadakis (Brown/Applied Math) – Maithilee Kunda (Vanderbilt) – Robin Walters (Northeastern)

Funding Agencies: Andreas Berlind (NSF/AST), Manouchehr Farkhonde (DOE/NP) , Germano Iannacchione (NSF/DMR), Sanaz Vahidinia (NASA)

Organizing Committee: Dimitrios Psaltis – Roman Grigoriev – Michael Schatz